Cruise Forth
11.48pm | 14°CLight Rain

St Andrews Museum

Kinburn Park
Doubledykes Road
St Andrews KY16 9DP

44.5 mi (1 hour 3 mins) from Rosyth
46.5 mi (1 hour 2 mins) from South Queensferry
56.5 mi (1 hour 21 mins) from Leith
50.9 mi (1 hour 19 mins) from Newhaven
13.5 mi (24 mins) from Dundee

Tel: 01334 659380

The St Andrews Museum is situated within the grounds of Kinburn Park and houses a permanent exhibition - St Andrews A-Z which charts the history of the town through a variety of objects.

The upstairs gallery features changing exhibitions and activities.

The Museum also offers a cafe and shop.

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