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Dundee Museum of Transport

Dundee Museum of Transport

44.5mi (59min) from Rosyth | 47.5mi (1hr 4min) from South Queensferry | 57.0mi (1hr 24min) from Leith | 56.3mi (1hr 20min) from Newhaven | () from Dundee

Dundee Museum of Transport is an independent museum that preserves the transport heritage of Dundee and the surrounding area. Visitors can step back in time to an era of horse-drawn trams and steam power and discover the amazing stories of local transport pioneers and innovators as well as viewing vehicles from local and national collections. Come along and learn about Dundee’s tram network, railway and marine history from our team of enthusiastic volunteer guides.Look around our constantly changing selection vehicles, get up close to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and view our recreation of Dundee’s first flying machine. We host a variety of transport related events throughout the year - visit for the latest news, events and information.

Dundee | +4401 382455196 | |

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Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries

Dunfermline Carnegie Library and Galleries

() from Rosyth | () from South Queensferry | () from Leith | () from Newhaven | () from Dundee

Dunfermline Carnegie Library & Galleries (DCL&G) - a new museum, gallery spaces, cafe, shop and reading rooms all adjioning the world's 1st Carnegie Library and all with FREE admission. This spectacular £12.4million award-winning new building (EAA Building of the Year, Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland's (RIAS) Andrew Doolan prize), which opened in May 2017, links superbly with the world’s first Carnegie Library and houses a new museum, exhibition galleries, local history Reading Room, new children’s library and a mezzanine café with stunning views over the landscaped garden to Dunfermline Abbey and the Heritage Quarter.

Dunfermline | 01383 602365 |

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Fife Folk Museum

32.2mi (52min) from Rosyth | 34.1mi (51min) from South Queensferry | 44.1mi (1hr 10min) from Leith | 43.2mi (1hr 6min) from Newhaven | 15.4mi (28min) from Dundee

The Fife Folk Museum is run by a trust and staffed entirely by volunteers - it invites you to discover the history of everyday rural life.

Ceres | 01334 828180 | |

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John Muirs Birthplace

49.9mi (1hr 1min) from Rosyth | 45.9mi (54min) from South Queensferry | 30.4mi (42min) from Leith | 30.9mi (45min) from Newhaven | () from Dundee

John Muir is a world renowned figure as the father of America’s National Parks and conservation pioneer who continues to inspire. The Dunbar birthplace of the pioneering conservationist has been transformed into a stunning 5 star interpretative centre, highlighting the work and achievements of this remarkable man.

Dunbar | 01368 865899 | |

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Kinloch Anderson

14.9mi (31min) from Rosyth | 9.9mi (23min) from South Queensferry | 1.0mi (4min) from Leith | 0.9mi (4min) from Newhaven | 56.9mi (1hr 22min) from Dundee

Kinloch Anderson has been respected and known in Edinburgh, Scotland’s Capital City, since 1868 as the foremost experts in kilts, tartan and Highland Dress, and makers of luxury traditional clothing with a strong emphasis on Scottish Design.

Edinburgh | +4401 315551390 | |

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Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery

17.6mi (29min) from Rosyth | 19.6mi (28min) from South Queensferry | 29.6mi (47min) from Leith | 28.6mi (45min) from Newhaven | 31.4mi (49min) from Dundee

Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery, set in the grounds of the town's War Memorial Gardens, houses a collection of fine and decorative arts of local and national importance.

Kirkcaldy | 01592 583213 | |

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Museum of the University of St Andrews (MUSA)

45.1mi (1hr 5min) from Rosyth | 47.1mi (1hr 4min) from South Queensferry | 57.1mi (1hr 22min) from Leith | 51.8mi (1hr 23min) from Newhaven | 14.1mi (27min) from Dundee

Explore the history of the university by visiting four different galleries.

St Andrews | 01334 461660 |

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Pittencrieff House Museum and Park

4.8mi (12min) from Rosyth | 8.7mi (17min) from South Queensferry | 18.6mi (36min) from Leith | 17.7mi (35min) from Newhaven | 42.6mi (1hr 2min) from Dundee

This 17th century mansion house is set in beautiful parkland and houses an accessible display called Magic of the Glen which celebrates the magic of the park and explains how the park came to be - a story involving fossils and furry creatures covering 350 million years.

Dunfermline | 01383 722935 |

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Queensferry Museum

5.8mi (14min) from Rosyth | 0.2mi (1min) from South Queensferry | 10.7mi (25min) from Leith | 9.7mi (24min) from Newhaven | 47.4mi (1hr 3min) from Dundee

The museum tells the story of the history of Queensferry and Dalmeny including the construction of the Forth rail and road bridges.

South Queensferry | 0131 331 5545 |

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Scotch Whisky Experience

Scotch Whisky Experience

14.5mi (40min) from Rosyth | 9.6mi (32min) from South Queensferry | 3.6mi (21min) from Leith | 3.1mi (18min) from Newhaven | 56.5mi (1hr 26min) from Dundee

The Scotch Whisky Experience is a five-star rated visitor attraction located at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, next to Edinburgh Castle. The fully guided tour aims to educate and inspire visitors about Scotch Whisky, covering all aspects of production, geography, and appreciation.

Edinburgh | +4401 312200441  | |

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Scotlands Secret Bunker

39.7mi (1hr 6min) from Rosyth | 41.7mi (1hr 5min) from South Queensferry | 51.7mi (1hr 25min) from Leith | 50.7mi (1hr 21min) from Newhaven | 21.1mi (38min) from Dundee

Hidden beneath an innocuous farmhouse is a tunnel which leads deep underground to Scotland's Secret Bunker - where the country would have been governed from in the event of a nuclear war. The command bunker was kept secret for more than 40 years but is now open to visitors. See how the important people would have survived! Great day out for rainy days and there is also a cafe.

St Andrews | 01333 310301 | |

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Scottish Fisheries Museum

38.7mi (1hr 8min) from Rosyth | 40.7mi (1hr 7min) from South Queensferry | 50.7mi (1hr 27min) from Leith | 49.7mi (1hr 24min) from Newhaven | 24.5mi (45min) from Dundee

The museum is situated beside the picturesque harbour in Anstruther and charts the development of the Scottish commercial fishing industry among people of all ages in and beyond Scotland.

Anstruther | 01333 310628 | |

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Secret Bunker

Secret Bunker

() from Rosyth | 42.5mi (1hr 6min) from South Queensferry | 52.8mi (1hr 31min) from Leith | () from Newhaven | 21.5mi (39min) from Dundee

An innocent looking farmhouse conceals the entrance to Scotland's best kept secret for over 40 years. Come and see for yourself, Scotland's Secret Underground Nuclear Command Centre, near St Andrews, and discover the twilight world of the Government Cold War. This amazing labyrinth, on two levels, 100 feet below ground, and encased in 15 feet of reinforced concrete, is where central government and military commanders would have run the country had the UK been attacked and nuclear war broken out. The Bunker contains two cinemas, a cafe, the nuclear operations room, an RAF control centre and the Royal Observer Corps and dormitories. Scotland's best kept secret is on your doorstep!

St Andrews | 01333 310301 | |

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St Andrews Museum

44.5mi (1hr 3min) from Rosyth | 46.5mi (1hr 2min) from South Queensferry | 56.5mi (1hr 21min) from Leith | 50.9mi (1hr 19min) from Newhaven | 13.5mi (24min) from Dundee

The St Andrews Museum is situated within the grounds of Kinburn Park and houses a permanent exhibition - St Andrews A-Z which charts the history of the town through a variety of objects.

St Andrews | 01334 659380 | |

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St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum

44.9mi (1hr 4min) from Rosyth | 46.9mi (1hr 3min) from South Queensferry | 56.9mi (1hr 22min) from Leith | 51.6mi (1hr 21min) from Newhaven | 13.9mi (26min) from Dundee

The museum is a small, independent museum which is housed in a 17th century house in St Andrews' old fisher quarter, close to the castle and the cathedral.

St Andrews | 01334 477629 | |

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