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Deep Sea World

Deep Sea World

Deep Sea World
Battery Quarry
North Queensferry KY11 1JR

3.7 mi (12 mins) from Rosyth
4.9 mi (11 mins) from South Queensferry
14.9 mi (30 mins) from Leith
14.4 mi (31 mins) from Newhaven
45.4 mi (1 hour 1 min) from Dundee

Tel: 01383 411880

Deep Sea World - close to Rosyth and South Queensferry cruise arrivals. Home to 1000’s of animals from 100’s of different species, Deep Sea World, Scotland’s National Aquarium, is an incredible aquatic experience not to be missed! Just a short drive across the iconic Road Bridge from Edinburgh, we are situated beneath the equally iconic and historic Forth Rail Bridge, providing you with stunning photo opportunities before you even enter the aquarium itself.
With talks and feeds running every half an hour and a huge number of tanks showcasing wildlife from across the globe it is impossible to showcase it all in such few words, however, perhaps our most famous attraction is our incredible Underwater Safari tunnel! At 112m long the tunnel is one of the longest in the world and allows visitors to dive beneath the waves and experience the home of the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the whole of the UK – including Tinkerbell, who stretches to a massive 3.2 metres long! Its not just the Sand Tiger Sharks to look out for in the tunnel though, make sure and keep your eyes peeled for a massive variety of species including Sea Bass, Guilthead Bream, Atlantic Rays, Eagle Rays and our trio of Angel Sharks – Anne, Gabriel and their pup Leila!
Don’t forget to check out our lovely harbour seals ! Living together in Seal Harbour, they enjoy nothing more than there twice daily feeds. That’s right! These guys eat twice every single day, just ask on arrival for the times and you’ll be able to see these guys stretch, jump and interact with our zoological team in a variety of exciting ways! These guys are not the only ones who like to come out and say hello however! Get up close and personal with Creepy Crawlies, Bearded Dragons, Snakes and Starfish at our encounter sessions, which also run multiple times every single day!
We can’t wait for you to join us and create wonderful memories, but before you do, make sure and check our website and Facebook Page to see our upcoming schedule of events. With a different activity every month we have a packed schedule of fun, games and conservation! There’s always something going on here at Deep Sea World – Scotland’s National Aquarium.

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