Cruise Forth
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Scotstarvit Tower

By Ceres KY15 5PB

31.5 mi (51 mins) from Rosyth
33.5 mi (50 mins) from South Queensferry
43.5 mi (1 hour 9 mins) from Leith
42.5 mi (1 hour 3 mins) from Newhaven
17.0 mi (31 mins) from Dundee


This handsome tower is thought to have been built in the 15th century and is famous as the home of author Sir John Scot.

Access is via a track that runs for a quarter of a mile south west from the A916, two miles south of Cupar and a similar distance west of Ceres.

For access to the tower you have to pick up a key from nearby Hill of Tarvit Mansion House or contact Historic Scotland for opening information.

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