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Graystone Gallery

Graystone Gallery

14.8mi (32min) from Rosyth | 9.4mi (25min) from South Queensferry | 0.3mi (2min) from Leith | 0.7mi (4min) from Newhaven | 56.9mi (1hr 23min) from Dundee

Graystone Gallery is Edinburgh’s brand new art destination, just a short walk from Leith Cruise Terminal. We stock beautiful, affordable artworks featuring a wide range of original Scottish cityscapes, landscapes and seascapes. Each of these provides a unique memento of a wonderful holiday and exciting cultural destination.

Edinburgh | +4477 86373738 | |

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Greengate Gallery

Greengate Gallery

() from Rosyth | () from South Queensferry | () from Leith | () from Newhaven | () from Dundee

Greengate Gallery is situated at the heart of the historic Royal Burgh of Culross in West Fife. The Gallery provides a vibrant showcase for locally made contemporary jewellery, pottery, textiles and crafts, with regular art exhibitions by new Scottish artists. It is run by local jeweller, Lindsey Marchant, whose beautiful Scottish Willow Collection of quality handcrafted silver and enamel jewellery is sold on site. The Gallery also stocks exclusively the new official Culross tartan, designed in collaboration with local weaver, Claire Hunter of Taffled Threads.

Culross | +4407 590927603 |

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Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland

13.1mi (24min) from Rosyth | 8.1mi (23min) from South Queensferry | 14.3mi (39min) from Leith | 13.8mi (36min) from Newhaven | () from Dundee

Jupiter Artland is a 120 acre sculpture park that provides a unique outing for people visiting central Scotland. Located just outside Edinburgh, 10 minutes from the M9 we are easily accessible while removing the need to contend with city centre traffic.A guided tour offers a fantastic way to explore Jupiter Artland and you will learn so much about your surroundings. A tour generally lasts 1-1.5hours but can be tailored to suit your availability. You can then enjoy lunch overlook the farmland and the three Forth bridges or head for our amazing Café Party.

Edinburgh | 01506 889900 | |

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Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery

17.6mi (29min) from Rosyth | 19.6mi (28min) from South Queensferry | 29.6mi (47min) from Leith | 28.6mi (45min) from Newhaven | 31.4mi (49min) from Dundee

Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery, set in the grounds of the town's War Memorial Gardens, houses a collection of fine and decorative arts of local and national importance.

Kirkcaldy | 01592 583213 | |

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Peter Potter Gallery

38.9mi (50min) from Rosyth | 34.9mi (43min) from South Queensferry | 19.4mi (31min) from Leith | 19.9mi (33min) from Newhaven | 80.8mi (1hr 41min) from Dundee

Peter Potter Gallery is a gallery and cafe on the banks of the beautiful river Tyne in Haddington.

Haddington | +4401 620822080 | |

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Wemyss Pottery

32.3mi (52min) from Rosyth | 34.3mi (51min) from South Queensferry | 44.3mi (1hr 10min) from Leith | 43.3mi (1hr 7min) from Newhaven | 15.5mi (29min) from Dundee

Wemyss Ware is one of the most highly collectable types of Scottish property and is much sought after. It started in 1882 as the brainchild of pottery owner Robert Heron. Don't miss the opportunity to buy some beautiful pottery where it is made.

Ceres | 01334 828273 |

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