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7 Hills Tours

7 Hills Tours

7 Hills Tours would like to take you deep into the wonderful history of Edinburgh, and of Scotland itself! Let us be your hidden door into the lives and worlds of figures such as Mary, Queen of Scots, Robert Louis Stevenson, and the ‘Silent Traveller’ Chiang Yee; or come with us on half-day adventures, from hiking each of our famous 7 Hills, to exploring our wonderful legacy of Art Deco architecture – both trips with inclusive coffee and scones! Or why not take our new and absolutely unique walking tour of the Royal Mile, ‘The Storie and the Sang’, which paints a picture of the Old Town’s wonderful history using the tales, songs and poetry of the times, in Scots and Gaelic (with translation) as well as English!

Tour | +4478 79405860 | |

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Blairadam Forest

16.2mi (28min) from Rosyth | 18.1mi (27min) from South Queensferry | 28.2mi (46min) from Leith | 27.2mi (45min) from Newhaven | 31.9mi (52min) from Dundee

Scottish architect Sir William Adam bought the estate of Blair Crambeth in 1733.

Kelty | 01555 660190 | |

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Cluny Clays Activity Centre

15.5mi (25min) from Rosyth | 17.5mi (24min) from South Queensferry | 27.5mi (43min) from Leith | 26.5mi (41min) from Newhaven | 29.6mi (43min) from Dundee

Cluny Clays offers a number of activities and sports at a beautiful setting in the Fife countryside.

Cluny | 01592 720374 |

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Craigies Farm

9.2mi (17min) from Rosyth | 4.2mi (9min) from South Queensferry | 7.7mi (21min) from Leith | 6.7mi (20min) from Newhaven | 51.1mi (1hr 6min) from Dundee

Craigies Farm is home to a number of walks and signposted nature trails offering fantastic views over the Firth of Forth.

South Queensferry | 0131 319 1048 | |

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Cringletie House Castle Hotel

Cringletie House Castle Hotel

35.0mi (56min) from Rosyth | 31.0mi (48min) from South Queensferry | 27.4mi (50min) from Leith | 28.0mi (53min) from Newhaven | 77.0mi (1hr 41min) from Dundee

No matter how many people or how you arrive at

Edinburgh | 01721 725744 | |

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Edinburgh Boat Charters

Edinburgh Boat Charters

6.1mi (18min) from Rosyth | 0.6mi (4min) from South Queensferry | 11.3mi (35min) from Leith | 10.1mi (28min) from Newhaven | 47.6mi (1hr 3min) from Dundee

Whilst visiting Edinburgh on your cruise, why not escape the crowds and

South Queensferry | 0131 554 9401 | |

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Falkirk Wheel

22.5mi (39min) from Rosyth | 18.8mi (33min) from South Queensferry | 29.4mi (56min) from Leith | 28.2mi (51min) from Newhaven | 56.9mi (1hr 23min) from Dundee

The world's first and only rotating boat lift, the Falkirk Wheel offers visitors a one-of-a-kind trip from the Forth & Clyde Canal to the Union Canal, 150 feet above.

Falkirk | 08700 500208 | |

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Fastrax Motor Sports

8.6mi (16min) from Rosyth | 13.6mi (24min) from South Queensferry | 23.6mi (43min) from Leith | 22.6mi (41min) from Newhaven | 48.1mi (1hr 5min) from Dundee

For all the adrenaline junkies out there why not take a look at what Fastrax has to offer? You can enjoy racing Rage Buggies around the most extreme circuit in the UK, sliding Honda Pilots sideways on the grass or taking a 45 Grizzly Quad Bikes for jaunt, pitching yourself against some mega terrain and deep bogs.

near Oakley | 01383 880300 |

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Ferry Brewery

Ferry Brewery

6.5mi (19min) from Rosyth | 0.9mi (5min) from South Queensferry | 10.0mi (28min) from Leith | 9.0mi (22min) from Newhaven | 48.1mi (1hr 5min) from Dundee

We are the first and only brewery in Queensferry since 1851. We have revived local brewing, offering locally produced handcrafted beers - pale ales, bitters, reds, porters, 80/-s, stouts and Brewer specialities.

South Queensferry | +4401 313311851 | |

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Ferry Glen

5.7mi (14min) from Rosyth | 0.5mi (2min) from South Queensferry | 12.0mi (26min) from Leith | 9.7mi (24min) from Newhaven | 47.8mi (1hr 3min) from Dundee

Ferry Glen is the area of land and woodland to the north of Station Road and south of the public pathway (formerly the railway track).

South Queensferry | 0131 529 7440 | |

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Fife Coastal Path

The Fife Coastal Path runs from the Forth Estuary and stretches north for 117 miles.The path is clearly marked and offers a range of walking experiences from flat and easy to wild and demanding.

Tour | 01592 656080 | |

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Foxlake Adventures

47.8mi (57min) from Rosyth | 43.9mi (50min) from South Queensferry | 28.3mi (39min) from Leith | 28.9mi (41min) from Newhaven | 89.9mi (1hr 45min) from Dundee

Scotland’s first wakeboard cable tow is great fun for beginners and experienced wakeboarders alike. Foxfall Ropes is a unique ropes challenge over water. Group bookings welcomed.

Dunbar | 01620 860657 | |

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House of the Binns

Set in beautifully landscaped parkland overlooking the River Forth, this 17th-century laird’s house near Linlithgow has been the home of the Dalyell family for 400 years.

Tour | 08444 932127 |

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John Muir Way

The John Muir Way is accessible to cruise passengers, as it passes the arrival points at Leith, Newhaven and South Queensferry. It is only a short distance from Rosyth.

Tour | 08453 700067 | |

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Knockhill Racing Circuit

11.0mi (24min) from Rosyth | 17.3mi (25min) from South Queensferry | 27.3mi (44min) from Leith | 26.3mi (42min) from Newhaven | 42.9mi (57min) from Dundee

Knockhill is Scotland's national motorsport centre and offers the perfect day out for adrenaline junkies.

by Dunfermline | 01383 723337 |

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Le Tour Edinburgh

Guided Cycle Tours (1/2 day or full day on request)

Tour | 07415 640296 | |

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Linlithgow Canal Centre

16.5mi (27min) from Rosyth | 9.0mi (18min) from South Queensferry | 19.6mi (40min) from Leith | 18.6mi (38min) from Newhaven | 54.4mi (1hr 14min) from Dundee

Located on the 1822 Union Canal which linked Edinburgh and Glasgow, there are a variety of cruises to meet the needs of all the family. You can even drive one yourself. Open Easter to the end of September

Linlthgow | 08442 723812 | |

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Linlithgow Palace

28.5mi (45min) from Rosyth | 9.0mi (18min) from South Queensferry | 20.8mi (45min) from Leith | 19.8mi (38min) from Newhaven | 54.2mi (1hr 13min) from Dundee

Built and developed over two centuries by successive Stuart kings of Scotland, Linlithgow Palace was a comfortable and attractive retreat from affairs of state, conveniently placed between Stirling and Edinburgh. Both James V and his daughter Mary Queen of Scots were born here, overlooking the tranquil beauty of the loch and peel (park). This superb Renaissance residence allows a unique insight into the domestic life of Scottish royalty.

Linlithgow | 01506 842896 | |

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Lochore Meadows Country Park

14.0mi (27min) from Rosyth | 15.9mi (26min) from South Queensferry | 26.0mi (45min) from Leith | 25.0mi (42min) from Newhaven | 32.1mi (50min) from Dundee

Lochore Meadows Country Park boasts woodlands, meadows and grasslands, ponds, a nature reserve and of course the loch itself.

Lochgelly | 01592 583343 |

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Mary's Meanders

Outlander Filming Locations Tours & Guided Walks around the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow, Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots

Tour | +4478 18687066 | |

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Mercat Tours

Mercat Tours

History is a damn good story. What it needs is a damn good telling! Our history and ghost tours take place every day in Edinburgh.

Tour | 0131 225 5445 | |

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Newton Hill Country Sports

41.4mi (54min) from Rosyth | 43.4mi (53min) from South Queensferry | 53.4mi (1hr 12min) from Leith | 50.5mi (1hr 9min) from Newhaven | 6.7mi (12min) from Dundee

Fly fishing and clay pigeon shooting available all year round.

Wormit | 01382 330519 | |

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Port Edgar Marina

6.0mi (15min) from Rosyth | 0.5mi (3min) from South Queensferry | 12.3mi (27min) from Leith | 11.4mi (28min) from Newhaven | 47.6mi (1hr 4min) from Dundee

If you fancy a little bit of adventure then the marina and watersports centre at Port Edgar will definitely be on your list of places to visit.

South Queensferry | 0131 331 3330 | |

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Scottish clay shooting centre

44.9mi (1hr 0min) from Rosyth | 46.8mi (59min) from South Queensferry | 56.8mi (1hr 19min) from Leith | 54.0mi (1hr 15min) from Newhaven | 7.3mi (14min) from Dundee

If you fancy giving clay shooting a try then the SCSC offers excellent traditional facilities with targets for beginners and experiences shooters.

Leuchars | 01334 839218 |

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Scottish Offroad Driving Centre

26.1mi (35min) from Rosyth | 28.1mi (35min) from South Queensferry | 38.1mi (53min) from Leith | 37.1mi (53min) from Newhaven | 24.6mi (36min) from Dundee

The centre offers the biggest and most challenging 4x4 offroad driving course in Scotland.

Strathmiglo | 01337 860528 |

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Scottish Owl Centre

Scottish Owl Centre

() from Rosyth | () from South Queensferry | () from Leith | () from Newhaven | () from Dundee

We are the largest collection of owls in the world with over 120 owls from 45 species from around the globe, housed in spacious aviaries all on a flat fully accessible site. As well as looking round at all the owls and learning about their habits and habitats from the interpretation boards, visitors can enjoy 2 daily all-weather indoor flying displays. Experiencing the owls flying up close along with the entertaining educational commentary by our very knowledgeable keepers, make these the highlight of any visit. Between April and August we also have a third daily static presentation. Although these public presentations are at set times, we would offer any cruise excursions a separate private flying display if this fitted better with their schedule. Flying displays are 30 minutes long and visitors can take anything from 45 minutes to 2 hours to look round the rest of the Owl Centre. Visitors can pay a few pounds extra to hold an owl for a photo. We also have a children's play area with a giant owl chute, a child-friendly interactive education area, a small gift shop and there is a cafe opposite us within the country park.

Whitburn | +4415 01228184 |

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Sea Bird Centre

72.4mi (1hr 35min) from Rosyth | 40.7mi (57min) from South Queensferry | 25.1mi (45min) from Leith | 25.6mi (48min) from Newhaven | 86.6mi (1hr 51min) from Dundee

Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the islands of the Firth of Forth, the 5 star Scottish Seabird Centre offers something for all ages. A world-leader in remote wildlife viewing, in the Discovery Centre visitors can control interactive live cameras to zoom in on the wildlife on the Bass Rock, plus other islands and harbours.

North Berwick | +4401 620890202 | |

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Tentsmuir Nature Reserve

45.3mi (1hr 8min) from Rosyth | 47.2mi (1hr 7min) from South Queensferry | 57.3mi (1hr 26min) from Leith | 57.1mi (1hr 23min) from Newhaven | 10.4mi (22min) from Dundee

Tentsmuir National Nature Reserve and Eden Estuary Local Nature Reserve are recognised internationally for their very special habitats and for the rich variety of plants, birds, insects and other animals which they support.

near Leuchars | 01382 553962 | |

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The Scottish Deer Centre

31.9mi (42min) from Rosyth | 33.8mi (41min) from South Queensferry | 43.8mi (1hr 0min) from Leith | 41.0mi (58min) from Newhaven | 17.2mi (25min) from Dundee

The Scottish Deer Centre is home to 14 species of deer from around the world.

Cupar | 01337 810391 |

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Thistle & Rose Golf Historic Experience

Thistle & Rose Golf Historic Experience

13.6mi (30min) from Rosyth | 6.7mi (19min) from South Queensferry | 14.7mi (44min) from Leith | 13.7mi (36min) from Newhaven | 54.9mi (1hr 13min) from Dundee

‚ÄčThistle & Rose Golf Historic Experience Ltd (TRGHE)

Broxburn | 07342 201567 | |

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Water of Leith Conservation Trust

13.7mi (30min) from Rosyth | 8.7mi (23min) from South Queensferry | 6.0mi (21min) from Leith | 5.6mi (24min) from Newhaven | 55.8mi (1hr 18min) from Dundee

Only 5 minutes from the cruise terminal at Leith, you can start your exploration of the Water of Leith. Explore Edinburgh's history from the river that run's through it's heart. A four mile walk will take you to the city centre through a nature wonderland, and you can always get a bus or taxi back . Pick up a map or leaflet in the terminal.

Edinburgh | 0131 455 7367 | |

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