Cruise Forth
7.39am | 5°CRain

Water of Leith Conservation Trust

24 Lanark Road
Edinburgh EH14 1TQ

13.7 mi (30 mins) from Rosyth
8.7 mi (23 mins) from South Queensferry
6.0 mi (21 mins) from Leith
5.6 mi (24 mins) from Newhaven
55.8 mi (1 hour 18 mins) from Dundee

Tel: 0131 455 7367

Only 5 minutes from the cruise terminal at Leith, you can start your exploration of the Water of Leith. Explore Edinburgh's history from the river that run's through it's heart. A four mile walk will take you to the city centre through a nature wonderland, and you can always get a bus or taxi back . Pick up a map or leaflet in the terminal.

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