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The Royal Yacht Britannia

The Royal Yacht Britannia

Ocean Drive
Edinburgh EH6 6JJ

15.2 mi (33 mins) from Rosyth
10.2 mi (25 mins) from South Queensferry
1.1 mi (5 mins) from Leith
1.0 mi (4 mins) from Newhaven
57.2 mi (1 hour 24 mins) from Dundee

Tel: +4401 315558800

For over 40 years, The Royal Yacht Britannia sailed a million miles on a thousand official visits for the British Royal Family. Now berthed in the historic port of Leith, Britannia is a fascinating five star visitor attraction and one of the most presitigious evening event venues. Britannia now boasts the world's most transalated tour, with 27 languages and a British Sign Language tablet.
The captivating tour, takes visitors around five decks and gives a rare glimpse into the public and pricate lives of the British Royal Family, Highlights of the tour include the State Apartments, the Crew's Quarters, and the Engine Room. Visitors can also enjoy our Royal Deck Tea Room to enjoy our deliciious freshly prepared home made food with stunning views and a warm welcome.
Getting there -
For cruise ships berthed in Leith, the Visitor Centre is within Ocean Terminal, five minutes walk from the ship.
From Queensferry and Rosyth the taxi journey will cost around £35 for the 45 minute journey. Alternatively take train or shuttle coach services into Edinburgh and use the excellent Edinburgh bus services to Ocean Terminal.

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