Cruise Forth
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North Queensferry Light Tower

The Harbour Light Tower
Town Pier
North Queensferry KY11 1LA

3.6 mi (11 mins) from Rosyth
4.8 mi (10 mins) from South Queensferry
14.8 mi (29 mins) from Leith
14.3 mi (30 mins) from Newhaven
45.4 mi (1 hour 1 min) from Dundee

Tel: 07852 437384

North Queensferry Light Tower is the world's smallest working light tower.

It was built in 1817 by Robert Stevenson and has now been carefully restored to full working order.

It reopened to the public in June 2010, when HRH The Princess Royal relit the lamp 120 years after it fell into disuse.

Because of the nature of this attraction it is not suitable for people with mobility difficulties.

Advance booking is recommended.

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