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Nieuw Statendam Two days

Tendering to South Queensferry on August 21, 2024

Two day visit - staying until 1600 on 22nd August


There are events taking place in our area on the day you're here.

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Edinburgh international Festival

Edinburgh is known throughout the world as the Festival City. There is much more than just one 'Edinburgh Festival' making up the Festival City. In August alone, there are six different festivals running at the same time, including the International Festival. Visitors come to Edinburgh every year to experience the many different festivals which all present a diverse variety of artists and events throughout the year. is the umbrella website for all of the city's official festivals. Find competitions, news, video and sign up for emails to keep your finger on the Festival City's pulse.

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AIG Womens Open

45.8 mi (1 hour 1 min) from South Queensferry

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Information about South Queensferry port | Getting around from South Queensferry

Travellers' FAQ

Where can I change money?

Money exchange is available in the post office section of the local store.

Where can I find wifi?

South Queensferry, our many restaurants, bars and cafes offer free WiFi. Just ask our welcome team at the Pier and they will happily provide you with a list of outlets where you can get free WiFi.

Is there an easy way to get to St Andrews?

If you have not booked an excursion on board you can either take a taxi – which might make sense if there are a few passengers travelling together – or train to the nearby station of Leuchars, from where you need to take a taxi or one of the local bus shuttles. Find out more about getting around »

Where can I go for a walk?

South Queensferry you can walk directly into the historic village, or along the coast into the Dalmeny estate. Some guided walks are also available. Find out more about walks in the area »

Do the taxis take credit cards?

Most of the taxis will take bank cards. Check with the driver before boarding.