Cruise Forth
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Scotlands Secret Bunker

Crown Buildings
St Andrews KY16 8QH

39.7 mi (1 hour 6 mins) from Rosyth
41.7 mi (1 hour 5 mins) from South Queensferry
51.7 mi (1 hour 25 mins) from Leith
50.7 mi (1 hour 21 mins) from Newhaven
21.1 mi (38 mins) from Dundee

Tel: 01333 310301

Hidden beneath an innocuous farmhouse is a tunnel which leads deep underground to Scotland's Secret Bunker - where the country would have been governed from in the event of a nuclear war. The command bunker was kept secret for more than 40 years but is now open to visitors. See how the important people would have survived! Great day out for rainy days and there is also a cafe.

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