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Amber Restaurant (within the Scotch Whisky Experience)

Amber Restaurant (within the Scotch Whisky Experience)

354 Castlehill
Edinburgh EH1 2NE

14.4 mi (37 mins) from Rosyth
9.1 mi (29 mins) from South Queensferry
3.1 mi (20 mins) from Leith
3.1 mi (18 mins) from Newhaven
() from Dundee

Tel: +4401 314778477

Amber Restaurant, within The Scotch Whisky Experience at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile provides sumptuous Scottish cuisine in a stylish casual-dining environment. Our chefs create delicious locally sourced dishes that have been garnering accolades for over 10 years – making us the perfect venue for you to discover Scotland’s larder. And of course, we also have a vast selection of Scotch whiskies available to match with your food if you wish or to enjoy an after dinner dram.

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